Fundamentals of Information Systems Security

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Table of Contents

  1. Course Introduction
    Study Guide
    ISSA Labs: Before You Begin
    Working with Virtual Labs
    Project Description
    Introduce Yourself
  2. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 3 Malicious Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
    -eBook: Chapter 4 The Drivers of the Information Security Business
    Lecture Presentation: Application of Security Countermeasures to Mitigate Malicious Attacks
    Assignment: Calculate the Window of Vulnerability
    Assignment: Microsoft Environment Analysis
    Virtual Lab: Performing a Vulnerability Assessment
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab Assignment
  3. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 5 Access Controls
    Lecture Presentation: Appropriate Access Controls for Systems, Applications, and Data Access
    Discussion: Access Control Models
    Assignment: Remote Access Control Policy Definition
    Virtual Lab: Enabling Windows Active Directory and User Access Controls
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
    Project Part 1: Risks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities Assignment
  4. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 6 Security Operations and Administration
    Lecture Presentation: Effective Implementation of Security Policy
    Assignment: Enhance an Existing IT Security Policy Framework
    Assignment: Create an Internet and E-mail Acceptable Use Policy
    Virtual Lab: Using Group Policy Objects and Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer for Change Control
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
  5. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 7 Auditing, Testing, and Monitoring
    Lecture Presentation: Importance of Testing, Auditing, and Monitoring
    Assignment: Testing and Monitoring Security Controls
    Assignment: Define a Comprehensive Acceptable Use Policy
    Virtual Lab: Performing Packet Capture and Traffic Analysis
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
  6. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 8 Risk, Response and Recovery
    Lecture Presentation: Role of Risk Management, Response, and Recovery for IT Systems, Applications, and Data
    Assignment: BCP, DRP, BIA, and Incident Response Plan Mix and Match
    Assignment: Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessment Analysis
    Virtual Lab: Implementing a Business Continuity Plan
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
  7. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 9 Cryptography
    Lecture Presentation: Role of Cryptography in Maintaining Confidentiality and Privacy of Data
    Assignment: Select Appropriate Encryption Algorithms
    Assignment: Design an Encryption Strategy
    Virtual Lab: Using Encyption to Enhance Confidentiality and Integrity
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
    Project Part 2: System Hardening Assignment
  8. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 10 Networks and Telecommunications
    Lecture Presentation: Networks and Communications and their Inherent Weaknesses
    Assignment: Network Hardening
    Assignment: Network Security Applications and Countermeasures
    Virtual Lab: Performing a Web Site and Database Attack by Exploiting Identified Vulnerabilities
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
  9. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 11 Malicious Code and Activity
    Lecture Presentation: Mitigation of Risk and Threats from Attacks and Malicious Code
    Assignment: List Phases of a Computer Attack
    Assignment: Summary Report on a Malicious Code Attack
    Virtual Lab: Eliminating Threats with a Layered Security Approach
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
  10. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 12 Information Security Standards
    -eBook: Chapter 13 Information Systems Security Education and Training
    -eBook: Chapter 14 Information Security Professional Certifications
    -eBook: Chapter 15 U.S. Compliance Laws
    Lecture Presentation: Information Security Standards and Compliance Laws
    Assignment: Examine Real-World Implementations of Security Standards and Compliance Laws
    Assignment: Small- to Medium-Sized Business Analysis
    Virtual Lab: Implementing an Information Systems Security Policy
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
  11. Project Part 3: Monitoring and Reporting Assignment
    Final Exam

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