Access Control, Authentication, and Public Key Infrastructure

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Table of Contents

  1. Course Introduction
    Study Guide
    ISSA Labs: Before You Begin
    Working with Virtual Labs
    Project Description
    Project Handout
    Introduce Yourself
  2. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 2 Assessing Risk and Its Impact on Access Control
    Lecture Presentation: Risk Mitigation Using Sound Access Controls
    Assignment: Infrastructure Control Areas within the Seven Domains
    Assignment: Improving Security through Layered Security Control
    Virtual Lab: Managing Windows Accounts and Organizational Units
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
  3. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 3 Business Drivers for Access Controls
    Lecture Presentation: Data Classification
    Assignment: Implementation of a Data Classification Policy
    Virtual Lab: Configuring Windows File System Permissions
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
    Quiz 1
  4. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 4 Access Control Laws, Policies, and Standards
    -eBook: Chapter 5 Security Breaches and the Law
    Lecture Presentation: Developing Access Control Policy Framework
    Discussion: Security Breach Evaluation
    Assignment: Implementation of an Organization-Wide Security Plan
    Virtual Lab: Managing Group Policy Objects in Active Directory
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
  5. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 6 Mapping Business Challenges to Access Control Types
    -eBook: Chapter 7 Human Nature and Organizational Behavior
    Lecture Presentation: Managing Human Resources Risks
    Assignment: Implementing a Comprehensive Human Resources Risk Management Plan
    Virtual Lab: Configuring Windows Firewall
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
    Quiz 2
  6. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 8 Access Control for Information Systems
    Lecture Presentation: Implementing Infrastructure Controls
    Assignment: Aligning Account Types and Privileges
    Assignment: Developing Access Control Strategies for Data and File Systems
    Virtual Lab: Managing Linux Accounts
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
  7. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 10 Access Control in the Enterprise
    Lecture Presentation: Authentication Methods and Requirements
    Assignment: Implementation of Authentication Process
    Virtual Lab: Configuring Linux File System Permissions
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
    Quiz 3
  8. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 11 Access Control System Implementations
    -eBook: Chapter 12 Access Control Solutions for Remote Workers
    Lecture Presentation: Securing Remote Access
    Discussion: Remote Access Method Evaluation
    Assignment: Internet/ Web Access Management
    Virtual Lab: Encrypting and Decrypting Files with PKI
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
  9. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 13 Public Key Infrastructure and Encryption
    Lecture Presentation: PKI and Encryption
    Assignment: PKI and Encryption at Work
    Virtual Lab: Authenticating Security Communications with Digital Signatures
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
    Quiz 4
  10. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 14 Testing Access Control Systems
    Lecture Presentation: Unauthorized Access Risk Mitigation Techniques
    Assignment: Scope of Work for Penetration Test
    Assignment: Creating a Summary Report to Correct Network Vulnerabilities
    Virtual Lab: Encrypting and Decrypting Web Traffic with HTTPS
    Assessment Worksheet for the Virtual Lab
  11. Project: Final Submission
    Final Exam

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