Cyberwarfare: Information Operations in a Connected World

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Table of Contents

  1. Study Guide
    Project Description
    Introduce Yourself
  2. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 2, "Targets and Combatants"
    Lecture Presentation: Targets and Combatants
    Discussion: The Differences in Cyberwarfare Attackers
    Assignment: The Flame
  3. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 3, "Cyberwarfare, Law, and Ethics"
    Lecture Presentation: Cyberwarfare, Law, and Ethics
    Discussion: Law and Ethics in Cyberwarfare
    Assignment: The Tallinn Manual
  4. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 4, "Intelligence Operations in a Connected World"
    Lecture Presentation: Intelligence Operations in a Connected World
    Assignment: The Intelligence Operations Process
    Assignment: Intelligence Disciplines
  5. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 5, "The Evolving Threat: From Script Kiddies to Advanced Attackers"
    Lecture Presentation: The Evolving Threat: From Script Kiddies to Advanced Attackers
    Discussion: The Evolution of Hackers
    Assignment: A High Profile Hack
  6. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 6, "Social Engineering and Cyberwarfare"
    Lecture Presentation: Social Engineering and Cyberwarfare
    Assignment: Principles of Influence
    Assignment: Robin Sage
  7. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 7, "Weaponizing Cyberspace: A History"
    Lecture Presentation: Weaponizing Cyberspace: A History
    Discussion: Stuxnet
    Assignment: Recent Cyberattacks
  8. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 8, "Nonstate Actors in Cyberwar"
    Lecture Presentation: Nonstate Actors in Cyberwar
    Assignment: Whistleblowers
    Assignment: Nonstate Actor Profile
  9. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 9, "Defense-in-Depth Strategies"
    Lecture Presentation: Defense-in-Depth Strategies
    Discussion: Comparing Defense-in-Depth Strategies
    Assignment: Modern CND Strategy
    Project Checkpoint 1: Identifying Cyber Threats and Applying the Cyber Kill Chain
  10. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 10, "Cryptography and Cyberwar"
    Lecture Presentation: Cryptography and Cyberwar
    Assignment: Four Major Concepts of Cryptography
    Assignment: The Zeus Trojan
  11. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 11, "Defending Endpoints"
    Lecture Presentation: Defending Endpoints
    Discussion: Anti-Malware Software
    Assignment: Protecting Industrial Control Systems
  12. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 12, "Defending Networks"
    Lecture Presentation: Defending Networks
    Assignment: Network Defense Technologies
    Assignment: NIST Cybersecurity Framework
    Project Checkpoint 2: Ensuring Defense in Depth
  13. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 13, "Defending Data"
    Lecture Presentation: Defending Data
    Discussion: Drive Destruction/Data Recovery
    Assignment: Digital Rights Management Software
  14. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 14, "Cyberwarfare and Military Doctrine"
    Lecture Presentation: Cyberwarfare and Military Doctrine
    Assignment: The Levels of Warfare
    Assignment: Unified Land Operations
    Project Checkpoint 3: Examining Mission Assurance and Operational Procedures
  15. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 15, "Pandora’s Box: The Future of Cyberwarfare"
    Lecture Presentation: Pandora’s Box: The Future of Cyberwarfare
    Discussion: InfraGard
    Assignment: Chinese Military Hacking and Espionage
  16. Project: Cyberwarfare Defense Plan Report and Presentation
    Final Exam

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