Fundamentals of Communications and Networking

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Table of Contents

  1. Study Guide
    ISSA Labs: Before You Begin
    Working with Virtual Labs
    Project Description
    Introduce Yourself
  2. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 2, “Solving Today’s Business Communication Challenges”
    Lecture Presentation: Solving Today’s Business Communication Challenges
    Assignment: Solving Business Enterprise Communication Challenges
    Assignment: Working with the Government
  3. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 3, “Circuit-Switched, Packet-Switched, and IP-Based Communications”
    Lecture Presentation: Circuit-Switched, Packet-Switched, and IP-Based Communications
    Discussion: Circuit Switching Versus Packet Switching
    Assignment: Evolution of Networking Topologies
  4. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 4, “The Evolution of Ethernet”
    Lecture Presentation: The Evolution of Ethernet
    Assignment: The Evolution of Ethernet
    Assignment: Ethernet Network Designs
    Project Checkpoint 1
  5. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 5, “TCP/IP and Networking”
    Lecture Presentation: TCP/IP and Networking
    Discussion: TCP/IP and Networking
    Assignment: Transitioning from IPv4 Addressing to IPv6 Addressing
  6. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 6, “Layer 2 Networking”
    Lecture Presentation: Layer 2 Networking
    Assignment: Types of Backbones
    Assignment: Physical Media Design
  7. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 7, “Layer 2 Networking VLANs”
    Lecture Presentation: Layer 2 Networking VLANs
    Discussion: Collision Domains Versus Broadcast Domains
    Assignment: Cisco’s Layer 2 Resiliency Compared to HP’s IRF Layer 2 Resiliency
    Project Checkpoint 2
  8. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 8, “Layer 3 Networking”
    Lecture Presentation: Layer 3 Networking
    Assignment: Routing Protocol Resilience
    Assignment: Distance-Vector Routing Protocols
  9. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 9, “Wireless LAN Standards”
    Lecture Presentation: Wireless LAN Standards
    Discussion: Wireless LAN Standards
    Assignment: A WLAN Solution
  10. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 10, “Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)”
    Lecture Presentation: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
    Discussion: Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP
    Assignment: VoIP Considerations
  11. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 11, “Unified Communications and Session Initiation Protocol”
    Lecture Presentation: Unified Communications and Session Initiation Protocol
    Assignment: SIP-Enabled Applications
    Assignment: UC Product Offerings
    Project Checkpoint 3
  12. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 12, “Fault Management and the Network Operations Center”
    Lecture Presentation: Fault Management and the Network Operations Center
    Assignment: Fault Management Best Practices
    Assignment: Network Operations Center
  13. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 13, “Configuration Management and Asset Control”
    Lecture Presentation: Configuration Management and Asset Control
    Discussion: SLA Metrics
    Assignment: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans
  14. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 14, “Performance Management”
    Lecture Presentation: Performance Management
    Assignment: Factors that Affect Performance
    Assignment: Performance Measuring Tools
    Project: Network Design Proposal Report
  15. Reading Assignment
    -eBook: Chapter 15, “Security Management”
    Lecture Presentation: Security Management
    Discussion: Security Management
    Assignment: Risk Assessment and Risk Management
    Project: Network Design Proposal Presentation
  16. Final Exam

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