Introduction to Photovoltaics

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Table of Contents

  1. Course Introduction
    Discussion: Introduce Yourself
    Class News and Announcements
  2. Lecture Presentation: Our Solar Resource
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 2
    Discussion: Tilt Angles
    Assignment: Peak Sun and Sun Hours
    Assignment: Earth and Sun
    Assignment: Household Electricity Usage
    Quiz 1
  3. Lecture Presentation: Solar Energy Fundamentals
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 3
    Discussion: Compare and Contrast
    Discussion: Renewable Energy Sources
    Assignment: PV Cell Technologies
    Assignment: Monocrystalline PV Solar Cell
  4. Lecture Presentation: System Types
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 4
    Discussion: Stand-alone and Grid-connected PV Systems
    Discussion: Load Requirements
    Discussion: PV System Size Considerations
    Assignment: Case Study Stand-alone and Grid-connected PV Systems
  5. Lecture Presentation: PV Panels and Arrays
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 5
    Discussion: PV Laminate, Solar Tiles, and Solarscape Technologies
    Assignment: PV Panels and Arrays
    Mid-Term Exam
  6. Lecture Presentation: Inverters
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 6
    Discussion: Pole and Rack Mount
    Discussion: Inverters and Sine Waves
    Discussion: Stand-alone and Grid-connected PV Systems
    Discussion: Surge Capacity
    Assignment: Wiring Symbols Presentation
    Assignment: Inverter Technologies
    Assignment: Chargers
  7. Lecture Presentation: Introduction to Energy Storage Systems
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 7
    Discussion: PV Systems and Inverters
    Discussion: Lead Acid Battery Specifications
    Discussion: Connected System Components
    Assignment: Battery Storage System Designer
    Assignment: Battery Types
  8. Lecture Presentation: Balance of System
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 8
    Discussion: Battery Storage Specifications
    Discussion: Residential Electrical Load
    Discussion: System Sizing Software
    Assignment: AC Energy and Cost Savings
    Assignment: Load Calculations Worksheet
  9. Lecture Presentation: The Business of Photovoltaics and Economics
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 9
    Discussion: Energy Efficiency
    Discussion: SWOT Analysis
    Assignment: Estimating Cost of PV
  10. Lecture Presentation: Future of Photovoltaics
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 10
    Discussion: Government Rebates
    Assignment: Future PV Technologies
    Final Exam

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