Introduction to Photovoltaic System Design

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Table of Contents

  1. Course Introduction
    Discussion: Introduce Yourself
    Class News and Announcements
  2. Lecture Presentation: System Design Considerations
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 2
    Discussion: Conductors, Insulators, and Semiconductors
    Discussion: The Earth and the Sun
    Assignment: Design Checklist
    Assignment: Sun
  3. Lecture Presentation: System Installation Considerations
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 3
    Discussion: PV Mounting Options
    Discussion: PV System Design Consideration
    Discussion: Energy Demand
    Assignment: PV Component Warranties
    Assignment: Typical Wattage Requirements
  4. Lecture Presentation: Module Orientation, Tilt Angles, and Shading
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 4
    Discussion: PV Installation Steps
    Discussion: Shading
    Assignment: Roof Types and Mounting Options
    Assignment: Site Survey
  5. Lecture Presentation: Solar Site Evaluations
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 5
    Assignment: PV Technology and Mounting Options
    Mid-Term Exam
  6. Lecture Presentation: Strings, Wire Sizing, and Protection
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 6
    Discussion: Environmental Factors
    Discussion: Temperature
    Discussion: Voltage
    Discussion: Preventive Issues
    Assignment: Cable Types
    Assignment: Wire Sizes
  7. Lecture Presentation: National Electrical Code and Performance PV Design
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 7
    Discussion: Cable Sizes
    Discussion: Effective or Ineffective Design
    Assignment: Codes
    Assignment: PV Module Labels
  8. Lecture Presentation: Photovoltaic System Components I
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 8
    Discussion: Mounting Options
    Discussion: Inverters
    Discussion: PV Components
    Assignment: Utility Interactive Inverter Models
    Assignment: BOS
  9. Lecture Presentation: Photovoltaic System Components II
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 9
    Discussion: PV Systems without Battery Backup
    Discussion: PV Systems with Battery Backup
    Assignment: Systems Design
  10. Lecture Presentation: Photovoltaic Configurations, Monitoring, and Testing
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 10
    Assignment: PV System Diagram
    Final Exam

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