Introduction to Photovoltaic System Installations

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Table of Contents

  1. Course Introduction
    Discussion: Introduce Yourself
    Class News and Announcements
  2. Lecture Presentation: PV Systems Safety
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 2
    Discussion: Protective Equipment
    Discussion: PV Safety
    Discussion: Safety in Installations
    Discussion: Insulated Tool
    Discussion: Hazards
    Assignment: PV Checklist
    Assignment: Safe Work Practices
  3. Lecture Presentation: PV Systems Installation: An Overview
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 3
    Discussion: Site Evaluation
    Discussion: Preparation Steps
    Discussion: Common Hazards
    Discussion: PV Installations
    Discussion: Converting Currents
    Assignment: Installation Hazards
    Assignment: Expanding on the Safety Checklist
    Assignment: Site Survey
  4. Lecture Presentation: Installation Criteria
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 4
    Discussion: PV Players
    Discussion: Solar Resource
    Discussion: Site Location and Performance
    Discussion: Electric Utilities
    Assignment: Warranties
    Assignment: Sales Considerations
    Assignment: Codes
    Assignment: 36 Criteria
  5. Lecture Presentation: PV System Design: An Overview
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 5
    Discussion: PV System Design Process
    Discussion: PV System Power
    Discussion: PV Array Modules
    Discussion: Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel
    Assignment: System Output
    Assignment: PV Design Options
    Assignment: Mounting Systems
    Assignment: PV Warranties
    Mid-Term Exam
  6. Lecture Presentation: Mechanical and Roofing Integration
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 6
    Discussion: On-Roof Mounting Systems
    Discussion: On-Roof Mounting Disadvantages
    Discussion: Sloping Roof
    Discussion: Roof Shapes
    Assignment: On-Roof or In-Roof Systems
    Assignment: Roof Basics
    Assignment: Load Effects of Weather Conditions
    Assignment: PV Roof Panel Installation
    Assignment: Typical Wattage Requirements
    Assignment: PV Technology and Mounting
  7. Lecture Presentation: Installation of System Components, PV Arrays, and Mounting Hardware
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 7
    Discussion: Solar Protection Devices
    Discussion: Daily Watt-Hours
    Assignment: Mounting System Considerations
    Assignment: PV Module Output
    Assignment: Pole Mount Installations
    Assignment: On-Roof and In-Roof Systems
  8. Lecture Presentation: Installation of Systems and Balance of System
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 8
    Discussion: Electrical Code Regulations
    Discussion: Checking Voltage
    Assignment: Installation Process
    Assignment: Connections and Cables
    Assignment: Mounting System Considerations
  9. Lecture Presentation: Installing Standalone PV Systems
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 9
    Discussion: Inverters
    Discussion: Extending Battery Life
    Discussion: Battery Voltages
    Assignment: Battery Sizing
    Assignment: Inverter Functions
    Assignment: Standalone PV System Design
    Assignment: Systems Design
  10. Lecture Presentation: Mechanical Integration, Labeling, As-Built Drawings, and Checklist Accounting
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 10
    Discussion: Labeling a PV System
    Discussion: Protecting the PV System
    Discussion: Batteries for Standalone PV Systems
    Discussion: Wiring a Battery Bank
    Assignment: PV System Checklist
    Assignment: Identifying Issues using PV System Checklist
    Final Exam

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