Advanced Photovoltaic System Installations

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Table of Contents

  1. Course Introduction
    Discussion: Introduce Yourself
    Class News and Announcements
  2. Lecture Presentation: Essential Safety Practices for Designing and Installing PV Systems
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 2
    Discussion: Labeling Requirements
    Discussion: Precautions for Uninhabited Buildings
    Assignment: Installation Checklist
    Assignment: Marking and Labeling Requirements
  3. Lecture Presentation: Installation: Creating the Best PV System
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 3
    Discussion: Customer Needs
    Discussion: Uninhabited Buildings
    Assignment: PV Design Procedures
    Assignment: PV Components
  4. Lecture Presentation: Site Review, Layout, Mounting Systems, and Building Integration
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 4
    Discussion: Roof Types
    Discussion: Microclimate, Shading, and Solar Window
    Assignment: Load Profile
    Assignment: Size a Standalone System
    Assignment: Size a Grid Connected System
  5. Lecture Presentation: Building Codes and Regulations for PV System
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 5
    Discussion: Labeling PV Components
    Discussion: OSHA Regulations
    Assignment: PV Safety
    Mid-Term Exam
  6. Lecture Presentation: Standalone PV Systems
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 6
    Discussion: Installing Charge Controllers
    Discussion: OSHA Regulations
    Discussion: Safety Precautions for Batteries
    Assignment: Calculating Maximum Array Output Amps
    Assignment: Battery Bank
    Assignment: Battery Sizing
  7. Lecture Presentation: PV Technology—Cells, Panels, Arrays, Balance of System, and Inverters
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 7
    Discussion: Shading Issues
    Discussion: Maintenance Requirements
    Assignment: PV System Components
    Assignment: Series and Parallel Connections
  8. Lecture Presentation: Connecting the Sun to the Home and the Utility
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 8
    Discussion: Ungrounded Systems
    Discussion: Disconnection Means
    Assignment: Balance of System (BOS)
    Assignment: Sizing a Standalone System
  9. Lecture Presentation: The Evolving PV System: From Concept to Certification
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 9
    Discussion: Grounding a PV System
    Discussion: Warranties
    Assignment: Permitting and Inspection
  10. Lecture Presentation: Quality Control, Testing, Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and PV System Operations and Maintenance
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 10
    Discussion: PV Maintenance Plan
    Assignment: Performance Monitoring and Testing
    Final Exam

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