Photovoltaic Certification Preparation

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Table of Contents

  1. Course Introduction
    Discussion: Introduce Yourself
    Class News and Announcements
  2. Lecture Presentation: Safety Basics
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 2
    Discussion: Common Hazards
    Discussion: OSHA Regulations
    Discussion: Common Electrical Injuries
    Discussion: PFAS
    Discussion: I-V Curve
    Assignment: Features and Benefits of Standalone Systems
    Assignment: PPE Requirements
    Assignment: Safety
    Assignment: Electrical Safety Hazards
  3. Lecture Presentation: Electrical Basics
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 3
    Discussion: Charges and Currents
    Discussion: Neutralizing a Battery Spill
    Discussion: Power and Resistance
    Discussion: Ohmís Law
    Discussion: Grounding Equipment
    Assignment: Personal Protective Equipment
    Assignment: Safety Hazards
    Assignment: Electrical Power and energy
    Assignment: Electrical System Components
    Assignment: Electrical Test Equipment
  4. Lecture Presentation: Solar Energy Fundamentals
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 4
    Discussion: PV Players
    Discussion: Inverters and MPPT
    Discussion: Solar Resource
    Discussion: Warranties
    Discussion: Altitude
    Discussion: Airflow
    Assignment: Movement of the Sun
    Assignment: Sun Path Diagram
    Assignment: Solar Energy
    Assignment: Tilt Angles
    Assignment: Avoiding Inter-Row Shading
  5. Lecture Presentation: PV Module Fundamentals
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 5
    Discussion: Layers of the Cell
    Discussion: Load
    Discussion: Solar Irradiance
    Discussion: STC
    Discussion: PTC Ratings
    Discussion: NEC Codes
    Assignment: Electrical Output Parameters
    Assignment: Performance Ratings
    Assignment: Qualification Testing
    Assignment: PV Modules as Battery Chargers
    Assignment: Flat-Plate PV Module
    Mid-Term Exam
  6. Lecture Presentation: System Components
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 6
    Discussion: PV System Types
    Discussion: PV System Components
    Discussion: PV Modules
    Discussion: Strings
    Discussion: Junction and Combiner Boxes
    Assignment: Power Processing Equipment
    Assignment: PV System Component Functions
    Assignment: Power Processing Equipment Paper
    Assignment: PV System Diagrams
    Assignment: Balance of System Components
  7. Lecture Presentation: PV System Sizing Principles
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 7
    Discussion: Demand/Energy Consumption
    Discussion: Residential kW Consumption
    Discussion: Derating
    Discussion: Purpose of Sizing
    Assignment: PV Balance of System Components
    Assignment: Load Profile
    Assignment: Sizing a Grid-connected System
    Assignment: Sizing a Standalone System
    Assignment: PVWATTS
  8. Lecture Presentation: PV System Electrical Design
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 8
    Discussion: One-Line Electrical Components
    Discussion: Nameplates
    Discussion: Mod Nameplate
    Discussion: Grounding
    Assignment: Sizing Standalone PV Systems
    Assignment: One-Line Electrical Diagram
    Assignment: Permitting and Inspection
    Assignment: Calculate the Maximum Array Output
    Assignment: NEC
  9. Lecture Presentation: PV System Mechanical Design
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 9
    Discussion: Roof Surfaces
    Discussion: On-Roof Systems
    Discussion: Identifying On-Roof Systems
    Discussion: Radiant-Barrier Materials
    Discussion: Manufacturer's Instruction
    Assignment: PV Array Mounting Systems
    Assignment: Weather-Related Materials
    Assignment: Roof Types
    Assignment: Microclimate, Shading, and Solar Window
  10. Lecture Presentation: Performance Analysis, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Reading Assignment: Chapter 10
    Discussion: Utility Interactive System
    Discussion: Labeling
    Discussion: Connecting a Utility Interactive System
    Discussion: Residential kW Range
    Discussion: Conductors
    Assignment: PV Maintenance Plan
    Assignment: Maintenance Requirements
    Final Exam

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